The Festival of Giving

On the occasion of 'DAAN UTSAV' WissenMonk invites you to spread happiness and to experience the joy of sharing. 
And here at WissenMonk, we want you to share joy through the 'Art of Writing'. 

Share Your Kindness Stories to Inspire!

So  here is what you Can do:

Write a letter to your parents/friends/teachers or anyone you want to share some words of 'Joy & Love' with. See how deeply one can be touched by a few kind words out right from the heart and what joy it could bring to them.

Dedicate a Poem:

Write a few words of praise for the soldiers, inspirational personalities or other social contributors and share it with WissenMonk
And WissenMonk will be publishing  an electronic book consisting of a collection of your writings of joy & kindness stories/poems. Share your story via email or WhatsApp with us on the occasion of the 'DAAN UTSAV' and get your writings featured in our electronic book.
Send Your stories/kindness letters/poems to:
+91 7896937115

Contributors for 2019 DAAN UTSAV from Guwahati

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