Preventing a Global Epidemic or Pandemic contest by

Malaria, Cholera, Spanish flu and now Covid-19. The world has witnessed quite a few Epidemics & Pandemics throughout the history of mankind. Though humanity has survived all of these through scientific & technological advancements, thousands of lives are already effected by the time science finds a solution as is evident in the present case of COVID-19 which has caused thousands of death in just 3 months all over the globe with no treatment found yet. And scientists suggest that there are many more viruses & bacteria trapped in the glacier ice and will reach humans once they melt and flow towards places inhabited by humans causing massive Pandemics or Epidemics. You can go through the video below for reference.

Therefore, as they say, "PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE" , we at Avanyisa SWO & WissenMonk focus on brainstorming future possibilities of preventing such epidemics and pandemics which keep coming and shaking the mankind. And for that purpose we have come up with this contest to spread awareness and find common solution to prevent such situation.

Join this contest with your idea on "Preventing a global Epidemic or Pandemic"  in the form of writing within 1000 words or in any Art Form.


The best ones will get published on WissenMonk & Avanyisa SWO sites.

The winners of the contest will be given certificate and cash rewards via online payment mode.


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Submit before 1st April 2020.