'The Festival of Giving'

India’s 'FESTIVAL OF GIVING', the 'Daan Utsav', is here once again to bring people together to help each other and the society. This Utsav, observing it's 10th anniversary this year, celebrates the joy of sharing and encourages everyone to indulge in the act of giving. Held in the first week of October (2nd-8th), Daan Utsav is a volunteer- driven initiative and is observed in many different places across India...




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It’s been 10 years now and Daan Utsav has inspired millions across the country to give without expecting anything in return. It also marks the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation. Thus, what could be a better time to engage ourselves in the noble act of sharing kindness and joy?

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This year in addition to Daan Utsav, Spread Love And Peace brings another fest to celebrate kindness- Daan Ratri, with active and youthful organisations. This will be hosted in Guwahati and we are seeking nationwide support to make us feel stronger. To stand with us, to be firm together, extend your support through donations via GooglePay at:

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You can also volunteer for us during and post Daan Utsav by signing up the form below:


Daan Utsav is India's own festival that celebrates giving. It takes place every year from the 2nd to 8th October, providing you with the opportunity to contribute time, money, materials or skills to benefit an individual, organization or cause that means something to you.
Daan, in Pali or Sanskrit, connotes the virtue of generosity.

Our modern day lives can be extremely hectic with the pressures of day to day commute, work, meeting our own family and personal needs and overcoming the challenges that life throws at us. But we also read so many inspirational stories of  people, taking that moment from their day and time to do an extra bit, not for themselves, but for others!

Daan Utsav is about celebrating that ability to do something for others. It is also about recognizing that there is great joy to be found in giving of oneself, bringing a smile on the face of another, or helping someone overcome a difficult situation, even if only momentarily.

This is not an organisation with a templated hierarchy run by a few or by any, but a celebration of the “Utsav of Daan”, promoted by hundreds of volunteers across the length and breadth of India.

This year, we would love for you to join the celebration and we hope you will encourage your family, friends, colleagues and neighbours to do the same. You can experience the joy of sharing whatever you can and your contribution need not be monetary.

It could be spending time with the elderly, giving books, toys and other material to those who can not afford them or volunteering at the local animal shelter!

There’s so much you can do! Take inspiration from the rickshaw drivers in Badamba, Odisha, who ferried elders from their village to the local medical camp at no cost, the vegetable vendors in Chennai who donated bags of vegetables to local NGOs or the young, visually impaired boy from Mumbai who volunteered his skill to paint the Mumbai Central station. These are just a few among thousands of stories. Each one
of us is capable of this and more.

Over the past 10 years, Daan Utsav has encouraged and inspired millions across the country. What started out as a simple idea, is now a mass movement of giving involving corporates, schools, colleges, not-for-profits, governments and communities. In recognition and appreciation of our voluntary  participation, the global ‘Giving Tuesday' initiative is now observed in India as well and falls on the Tuesday of the Daan Utsav week.


Anna Daan at Haryana

Some views from Daan-Utsav 2018

Vidya Daan  at Maharastra

Vidya Daan  at Balipara

Contributors for 2019 DAAN UTSAV from Guwahati

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