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Riya Crowd

Riya Crowd a.k.a Damini Bagchi had her first creative inspiration when she was seven. Her first write-up was a short story about a small princess getting lost in the evil world. Looking back, she realised that the alternate evil world was actually used by her as a metaphor describing the real world and she didn't even know about it then. Though the short story was never completed, she was and still is proud of it. Writing is my passion and fantasy is my favourite genre to embark on my creativity. Writing stories and poems are something which was never taught to me unlike my other hobbies like singing and painting. I have degrees and achievements to show for in both but not in writing. It's something made out of my own efforts. And I want to go on a long journey with it. Join my premium plan and come aboard.

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My Work till now

Her writings are never forced. If you ever read her work, then you should remember that she never wrote that piece because someone or something forced it out of her. She writes for her enjoyment and peace. For her, writing is equivalent to meditation. Writing gives her nothing but peace and thus it's something very personal for her. Her actual feelings are conveyed in each work. This hobby is purely inspired by her soul and nothing else. That is the only reason which can explain why she writes even after so many years.


Hope you readers find the inner inspiration that you crave just like her.

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*To get a clearer idea of what to expect and a closer look at my style of writing check out my previous blogs which are available for free. 

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