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Bhaargab Bharali

Bhargab Bharali

A blogger and entrepreneur from Guwahati, a 21 year young small town boy with big dreams intending to go places. I want to make things happen,

add value to the world and bring changes.

So I have set sail for achievements. 

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My Work till now

After more than a year of my blogging career, here I am taking my blogging journey to a new level and transforming it into an entrepreneurship, I've started this Premium Blog. I believe I have things to offer through my writing. You can gain information, knowledge, learn new things, truths and realities, get insights and draw positivity and learnings from my blogs. 

What's on Premium?


  • no third party ads. 

  • access to my premium blogs 

  • personal contact with me 

  • the right to recommend topics 

  • on an average, two blogs every month

 What to expect? 
     I'll be writing on:
  • technology

  • economy

  • business 

  • entrepreneurship 

  • other relevant things of my interest. 


*To get a clearer idea of what to expect and a closer look at my style of writing check out my previous blogs which are available for free. 

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 Additional benefits:  

Free entry to WissenMonk meet-ups, events and webinars. 

Free monthly magazines from the WissenMonk Community. 

Special discounts on WissenMonk products.

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